Reign avsnitt 2x12 - Banished visas 29 januari. 
Ni kan nu läsa beskrivningen av avsnittet.

MURDER, MAYHEM AND SOME SHOCKING REVELATIONS  — Mary (Adelaide Kane) finds out the truth from Greer (Celina Sinden) about rumors going around Court, forcing Mary to do something she never thought possible.  Francis (Toby Regbo) finds himself in a growing rivalry with Condé (Sean Teale) for Mary.  Bash’s (Torrance Coombs) mother Diane (guest star Anna Walton) returns, igniting a long overdue confrontation with Catherine (Megan Follows), while Claude (Rose Williams) is determined to find out the truth about who really killed the twins.  Craig Parker, Caitlin Stasey, Jonathan Keltz and Anna Popplewell also star.  Larysa Kondracki directed the episode written by Chelsey Lora (#212).  Original airdate 1/29/2015.



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